NiceLabel Control Center Enterprise ensures a centralized traceability and management layer for labeling, required in medical, pharmaceutical, biotech, manufacturing and in several other industries. Control Center Enterprise delivers a secure central storage repository, file archiving, file versioning, approval workflows and print history.

Our technological approach allows you to integrate high-volume printing and centralized print job management within the enterprise. By monitoring your printer network in a globally transparent web interface, instant access to the status and past activity of any printer is available.

Design your labels within minutes with an advanced label design software product and store them on a server for local print stations to access the global repository of files. Client-based printing for network label management includes products to create a custom printing application for easy data entry (as well as monitor & detect data to trigger the start of the label production).

Local print stations are monitored centrally with each print station with logging functionalities of past jobs, actions, errors, alerts, or events in the network. Diagnose and prevent errors through logs and reports to examine and move jobs between printers.

Comply with FDA, GHS and other regulatory standards

Your customers, regulators and legislators expect impeccable accuracy of label data, compliance with standards, and traceability for every product shipped. Control Center Enterprise provides data validation, time stamps, maintenance of records, and capture of electronic signatures in accordance with FDA 21 CFR part 11 requirements. It ensures you'll withstand an FDA Part 11 audit and minimizes risks of production errors and product recalls.

Keep a copy of all records for agency inspection and review

Secure authorized access with electronic signatures

Computer generated audit trails record data and time of all modifications of electronic records

Document versioning and approval workflows

Full traceability, visibility and transparency of all labeling transactions across multiple locations

Through enabling printing from local or remote applications running within the network, a web-based module can be accessed from any workstation or through the internet to manage the printing process. Simplify license management with a centralized concurrent licensing system.

Niceware’s Technical Services team can prepare a complete design and configuration solution for total network management of your business. Call Niceware today for a free demonstration! (262)-784-2456

Network label management is viewing the label printing process as a business function. High volume printing is monitored on a web interface for total network management of your enterprise. A component of your label management is creation of label design and printing applications for easy data entry. Examples of network label management can be seen as: compliance Labels, plant/tree nursery labels, RFID labels, variable data labels, ID badges, nutrition labels, AIAG labels, warehouse labels, pharmacy labels, patient wristbands, case labels, shelf tags, GHS chemical labels, asset tags, GS1 labels Unicode /multi language labels, product labels, cellular therapy labels, print & apply applications, scale labels, bedside point of care, garment tags, retail tags, healthcare slides and cassette printing, SAP & Oracle labels, mobile applications, patient wristbands with photos, and produce traceability . Please note that the list of applications above is not limiting of the full capability of the NiceLabel technology. The ability to customize a solution is available.